1. Introduction

In the age of today’s highly developed information technology, various attacks on computer systems and breakdowns relating to data are more and more popular and various such as DOS attack, hacking illegally into website… such as:

• Companies have been under DOS attack and your want to prevent, or trace back the source.

• Your website is defaced, your network system is penetrated and you want to know the root cause.

2. How ITAS can help in computer forensic ?

When your company have information security incidents you want to  handle please contact us through hotline number : +84-903445711.

ITAS provides client companies the testing services and computer analysis to collect the evidence and find out the cause, the source of the problem that has occurred in the network/application attacks.

ITAS corporate has been honored with a certificate of merit for achievements in providing support and tracking hi- tech criminals in the movement for the nation security protection from Ho Chi Minh City Police Department.